1. “Dr. Steve is so passionate about his work . . . “

    Dr Steve is so passionate about his work and it shows in his precision of explaining in detail about your body and subluxation of spine.Highly recommend Active Family Chiropractor for All aches and pains.…Read More

    Mary M.
  2. “My entire life has improved . . .”

    I was involved in a 5x roll over accident with no seat belt, it left me pretty messed up. I have been seeing Dr. Steve for a bit of time now and it has helped tremendously. I was an "Oh I'm fine" type of person and was going to work through it but since I've been going my entire life has improved in the department of health. Both physically and mentally it has been a blessing.…Read More

    Vanessa A.
  3. “Each visit is 100% individualized to you and your needs.”

    An amazing chiropractor and professional!! It’s so obvious that Dr. Steve truly cares about his patients and wants them to live their best and healthiest lives. Each visit is 100% individualized to you and your needs. He doesn’t give the same adjustment, to every patient, every visit—like many chiropractors have, in my personal experience. It’s also been a very educational experience for m…Read More

    Emily S.
  4. “His knowledge on nutrition is also very helpful . . .”

    Though I don't have much experience with other chiropractors, I appreciate that Steve not only listens to what your body is saying but also when you bring up a concern or a pain you may be having. As he is correcting your subluxations, he also talks you through what may have caused the misalignment or what other parts of your body could be affected. His knowledge on nutrition is also very helpful …Read More

    Rachel R.
  5. “. . .I referred 4 other family members.”

    Dr Steve is an excellent chiropractor and educator. He is the reason I referred 4 other family members.. He is very pleasant, explains what he’s doing, and offers suggestions for continued care and recovery. He is very patient and takes his time treating each patient even when the waiting room is busy. And he has a wealth of information and resources available for good health altogether. I highl…Read More

    Gabi D.
  6. “I go nowhere else!”

    I have been to his office when I visit in the area and I go no where else! His holistic approach to managing health is extremely refreshing. I highly recommend him.…Read More

    Rick P.
  7. “Dr. Steve made it possible to do the things I love without pain.”

    Dr. Steve made it possible to do the things I love without pain. I am able to do simple things now that before would not be possible. He explains everything and works with my schedule. Love them all!…Read More

    Deborah M.
  8. “They truly listen to you . . .”

    I would give this place a 5 out of 5! The whole staff is great and work with my crazy schedule. They truly listen to you when you go in. This isn’t a walk in get cracked and walk out office, they take the time to make a custom care plan that’s affordable so you can actually get better. I drive from Twin Falls that is how much I trust the office. Absolutely recommend! Go check them out if you h…Read More

    Kyailla L.
  9. “Friendly, personable, and accommodating”

    "Both Steve (Dr. Perry) and Natalie have been friendly, personable and accommodating. He's gentle and gives you extra tips and help. Patient with my questions and concerns and listens to my ideas. He's been helping with nerve pain in my foot also."…Read More

    Merla N.
  10. “Making you feel like part of the family…”

    "I don't know that I've been to a facility where they are more dedicated to making sure that you live your best life. Dr. Steve has the knowledge to help you take your body to the best possible place it can be and his wife Natalie is right there with him making you feel like part of the family. I HIGHLY recommend Active Family Chiropractic!!"…Read More

    Matt L.