1. Can’t recommend him enough….

    Dr. Steve helped me all through the pregnancy of my 2nd child. I had a lot of residual epidural pain from my 1st child. I was finally pain-free thanks to him. He also performed the Webster technique to help my 2nd child turn when she decided to turn breech. He has a gentle healing hand, and while I don’t see him anymore, he’s always been the one I miss seeing at the practice in Sparks, NV. He …Read More

    Sarah M.
  2. A million thanks Dr Steve Perry!

    I started seeing Dr Steve several months ago for chiropractic care. I had had a work injury in 2009 and ended up with a herniated disc in my lower back. Over the course of the next 8 1/2 years, I was back on disability another 3 times as the disc would reagrivate and the muscle spasms returned. I had tried contacting a couple of different chiropractors to receive adjustments, but none wanted to wo…Read More

    Tim M.
  3. Dr. Steve is amazing at making you feel comfortable….

    I started seeing Dr. Steve years ago for my hip. He taught me how to sleep correctly and adjusted me until I was pain free. I stopped going at that point. Big mistake. 6 years later I was having terrible migraines and thought maybe they were hormonal or maybe something I was eating or so many other things. It was my neck! So again I called on Dr. Steve and he has had me sleeping again and feeling …Read More

    Monica O.
  4. Thank you, Dr Steve Perry!

    I could not walk normally and without pain. I do not like to go to doctors, so when I finally went to a doctor, then the Physical Therapy route… lots of expense but still not able to walk without pain. I was at the end of my rope when someone suggested I see Dr Steve Perry. What? See a chiropractor? I was in so much pain every day, I could not do my normal activities and I had little quality in …Read More

    S. Davis
  5. I’ve truly been given my life back….

    I have been seeing Dr. Steve for about 5 weeks and I cannot say enough about the help he has given me. After years of neck and lower back pain I finally have relief. I’ve suffered from migraines and the inability to move my neck to the right for 5 years. I was truly at the end and ready to just be complacent with this being my life. Luckily I was referred by a friend to go see him. His ability t…Read More

    Pamela R.
  6. Dr. Steve is awesome!

    Dr. Steve is awesome! Not only does he adjust you with no popping or twisting (in addition to his technique, he has a really cool table and some fun gadgets that are much less intrusive), but he educates you on how to maintain your alignment and suggests other ways to improve overall health (sleep positions, muscles and exercise, nutrition, or whatever else you might want to know about). He’s al…Read More

    Kimberly W.