Thank you, Dr Steve Perry!

I could not walk normally and without pain. I do not like to go to doctors, so when I finally went to a doctor, then the Physical Therapy route… lots of expense but still not able to walk without pain. I was at the end of my rope when someone suggested I see Dr Steve Perry. What? See a chiropractor?

I was in so much pain every day, I could not do my normal activities and I had little quality in my active life. So I took a leap of faith and made an appointment with Dr Steve Perry. X-rays were taken and reviewed with me and my husband. Dr Steve was so patient with all my questions. I was very nervous at my first adjustment but Dr Steve explained everything… Done… oh my gosh… the pain was diminished and I could walk! WowZa!!

After several weeks, I am able to move with no pain. Dr Steve has given me my active life back. I am able to return to exercising, hiking terrain to participate in archery tournaments, hike, camp, bike, sit on the floor and play with my granddaughter.

My recovery has been so amazing that my husband also sees Dr Steve for the aches in his back and knees. We are believers. Dr Steve Perry is always positive, warm, caring and kind. I enjoy visiting his office and always leave feeling great and with a smile. He has been a positive life changer for me and my husband. Thank you, Dr Steve Perry!

S. Davis