Dr. Steve is awesome!

Dr. Steve is awesome! Not only does he adjust you with no popping or twisting (in addition to his technique, he has a really cool table and some fun gadgets that are much less intrusive), but he educates you on how to maintain your alignment and suggests other ways to improve overall health (sleep positions, muscles and exercise, nutrition, or whatever else you might want to know about).

He’s also helped with some chronic knee and shoulder pain that I’ve had since high school. I love that he can also adjust my kids without me worrying about them getting hurt.

And hello, what pregnant woman doesn’t long for a good chiropractor when she’s pregnant?! I wish we still lived close, because I have not been able to find anyone like him since. If you have never been adjusted by him, your body deserves a chance to experience what he has to offer!!

Kimberly W.