At Active Family Chiropractic in Meridian, we believe that when you have the proper knowledge and understanding of how chiropractic care can improve your health and body, you will be able to make better choices for a healthy lifestyle. That is why we offer lunch and learns, dinner workshops, spinal screenings, and more to help provide people with the best information possible. Learn more about our corporate and community chiropractic health events below and contact us to get your questions answered!

Corporate Lunch and Learn Talks

Chiropractic care can help improve efficiency during work hours and reduce the number of employee sick days. Our team at Active Family Chiropractic can bring lunch to your workplace and provide you and your employees with information about chiropractic care and the benefits. The gentle adjustments that Dr. Steve provides can help keep your employees healthy and happy, which can lead to more revenue for your business.

Dr. Steve can provide you with informative and engaging information about chiropractic care. He presents on a variety of topics, including “Spinal Health and Hygiene” and “Stay Fit While You Sit.” These presentations can help give your employees the knowledge they need to make better decisions about their health. Contact us today to schedule a visit from Dr. Steve at your workplace.

Dinner Workshops

Active Family Chiropractic also offers dinner workshops to provide people with information about chiropractic care. These workshops are held at local restaurants and can teach you about the benefits of chiropractic care. If you are an existing patient, this is the perfect time to introduce your friends, family, and colleagues to our chiropractic care and help them learn more about what we can offer. Dr. Steve will give a brief presentation about health, wellness, and chiropractic care, while you enjoy dinner on us. Contact Active Family Chiropractic in Meridian for dates on our upcoming dinner workshops.


Our team regularly offers spinal screenings at shopping centers, expos, and workplaces to provide more people in the community more information about chiropractic care and the benefits it can offer. During these two to five minute screenings, we will perform a thermal neck scan, which highlights areas of stress in the spine. These screenings can help you better understand your spinal health and gives us the chance to explain how we could help. To schedule a screening at your workplace, give us a call!

Better Results Faster Workshop

We want our patients to experience the best results possible as soon as possible, which is why we offer important introductory workshops for new members of our practice every two weeks. These workshops can help teach our patients what controls health, the role of the nervous system and spine, and how to get the best results with chiropractic care. Patients can bring along friends and family to this workshop for support in reaching their goals. Be sure to contact us to find out the dates of our upcoming workshops!

At Active Family Chiropractic in Meridian, we want to help inform the community about the benefits of chiropractic care and how it relates to your health. Contact us to learn more now!