Chiropractic Care

Once you’ve scheduled your first visit with us, you will be emailed your initial consultation paperwork. Your care at Active Family Chiropractic begins with a complimentary consultation. If you can be helped in our office, Dr. Steve will perform a thorough chiropractic evaluation including posture and nervous system scan. If necessary, he will recommend additional high-tech imaging. This visit will require up to 45 minutes.

Dr. Steve will spend time analyzing and reviewing the results of your consultation and examination and any imaging. At your second visit or recommendation conference visit, your chiropractor will explain your results, confirm that we can help you, and make specific recommendations. If you decide to move forward, you will receive your first adjustment. Before leaving, our front desk team will book your appointments and help you with the financials to make your chiropractic care the most time-efficient and affordable.

At Active Family Chiropractic in Meridian, we offer gentle chiropractic services that can be beneficial for young children and families. Our pediatric and prenatal chiropractic services can provide families with healthy bodies and improved lifestyles. Click on the buttons below to learn more about our chiropractic care services.

Pediatric & Family Care Prenatal Care

Corporate/Community Heath

Corporate Lunch and Learn Talks

We’d love to bring lunch to your workplace and show you how to reduce the number of sick days among your employees and enable them to work more effectively during office hours. Happy and healthy employees means more revenue for your business.

Dr. Steve is both informative and engaging and presents on a variety of topics, including “Stay Fit While You Sit” and “Spinal Health and Hygiene”. If you would like to know more or invite Dr. Steve to speak at your workplace, contact us here.

Dinner Workshops

Our dinner workshops are held at local restaurants and are a great opportunity for our existing patients to bring a friend, colleague, or family member along. You’ll hear a brief presentation from Dr. Steve about health and wellness while enjoying dinner on us! Dates for our upcoming dinner workshops are available by calling our office at 208-968-9688 or contacting us here.


We regularly perform screenings at expos, shopping centers, and workplaces to give more people in our community an opportunity to discover how chiropractic care can change their lives. Each screening takes two to five minutes — during which we perform a thermal neck scan that highlights possible areas of stress on the spine. If you are interested in having us perform spinal screenings at your workplace, please contact us.

Better Results Faster Workshop

Every two weeks, we offer a very important introductory workshop for new members of our practice. We want our patients to get the best results possible in the quickest amount of time. (We think they do, too!) During this brief workshop our patients discover what governs health, the role of the spine and nervous system, and how to get the best results with chiropractic care. We encourage our new patients to bring anyone to this workshop who is going to support them with their goals. Dates for our next workshop are available by calling 208-968-9688 or contacting us here.

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