At Active Family Chiropractic in Meridian, we use the Blair chiropractic technique to provide adjustments to our patients. The Blair technique is a specific system that is used to analyze and adjust the upper cervical vertebrae of the spine.

When using the Blair technique, the main focus includes:

  • The atlas
  • The axis

These are the pieces of the upper cervical spine, which are the most prone to shifting and becoming misaligned. A variety of different injuries and blunt head traumas can negatively affect this area of the spine. Whether it is a car accident, taking a soccer ball to the head, or hitting your head on the bottom of the pool, these types of instances can cause this critical junction in the spinal cord to become misaligned from the floor of the skull. When C1, or the atlas, becomes misaligned, it can become locked out of position and affect the brain stem.

Posture throughout the entire body is controlled by the brain stem. When the upper cervical vertebrae interferes with the brain stem, it can impact your entire posture and cause the structure of your body to be out of balance.

This can cause:

  • The head to be tilted in one direction
  • One shoulder to be higher than the other
  • One hip to be higher than the other
  • One leg to be longer than the other

Other things that can be caused by this misalignment of the altas include hormonal changes, problems with organ functions, change in emotions, worsened immune system, and so much more.

The Blair technique focuses on a gentle adjustment that can correct vertebral subluxations. This can help mend and maintain overall health. This chiropractic technique uses non-twisting and non-popping procedures to correct the misalignment of the upper cervical vertebrae and structure of your body.

Our gentle technique is what makes our chiropractic practice unique and a better option for many people. With the Blair technique, we may be able to help correct your spinal misalignment, improve your posture, and benefit your overall health.

To learn more about this technique, be sure to contact Active Family Chiropractic in Meridian. We offer Blair technique chiropractic services that could correct your misaligned vertebrae without aggressive chiropractic adjustments. Schedule your appointment today!

Blair Adjustment Before and After