At Active Family Chiropractic in Meridian, we can provide a variety of services to help with your back and neck pain. We offer advanced imaging services that can help us determine the areas of the spine that are causing you issues, giving us a better idea of how to best treat you. With our advanced imagery services, we can more accurately diagnose your spinal or neck problem and get it solved quickly.

At Active Family Chiropractic, we offer two types of advanced imaging — Tyron thermography and CBCT. Learn more about these types of imaging below and be sure to contact us to schedule your appointment today.

Tytron Thermography

Tytron thermography can accurately scan the full spine to show stress on the nervous system. It does this by measuring temperature regulation of the autonomic nervous system along the spine. This imaging device is used to detect abnormally drastic temperature changes along the spine. These changes can signify irritation and inflammation where vertebrae are misaligned.

Our team of professional chiropractors use this imaging technique to get a better understanding of a patient’s spine and needs. We can use this device before and after your adjustment, allowing us to determine if additional treatments are needed.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

CBCT is an imaging technology that is primarily used in dentistry. Cone beam computed tomography can create three-dimensional views of anatomical structures. Some chiropractors, including our team at Active Family Chiropractic, have adopted this imaging technology to help view the spine in more detail. This allows us to get a more complete look at patients’ spines. CBCT imaging technology can lead to more precise results.

Active Family Chiropractic is one of the only clinics in the state of Idaho that offers this kind of imaging system. With the more precise readings that this technology offers, our team can give you a very gentle adjustment and specific corrections. Our chiropractors will use a non-twisting and popping method on the neck to restore the balance between the brain and the body. This will allow the body and brain to communicate better so that the body and heal in the way that it is designed to.

CBCT can show a chiropractor each joint between the vertebrae. Misalignments are more easily spotted and other problems are easily visible with this 3D imaging technology. While X-rays could show chiropractors so spinal issues, CBCT imaging takes it to another level.


With these two types of advanced imaging technology, our chiropractors can more accurately see the problem and provide you with a better adjustment. Not all chiropractors offer these types of imaging technology. When you choose Active Family Chiropractic in Meridian, you will be getting the most precise and gentle adjustments possible! Contact us today to learn more and schedule your appointment.