The primary objective of chiropractic is to restore and enhance overall physiological function so the body can make its own adaptations and perform its own healing acts with greater efficiency and ability.

People often see a chiropractor for specific pain-related conditions, but chiropractic care always maintains the holistic aim of improving overall nervous system function with each adjustment.

Often people will experience positive improvements after their chiropractic visit and confuse chiropractic as a successful “treatment.” The distinction is often missed that “treating” or “curing” a disease is a medical claim concerning interventions for diagnosable symptoms, whereas normal physiological function is a natural feature of innate biological intelligence that leads to healthy expression.

Another way to see the distinction between chiropractic and traditional medicine is to recognize that medicine puts new demands on the body, in the form of drugs or procedures, whereas chiropractic takes demands off the body and nervous system. In fact, a common motivation for people seeking chiropractic care has to do with achieving greater levels of well-being and performance once these old “demands” are taking off the body.

Optimized nervous system function — not merely symptom improvements — are why chiropractors are reaching new levels of public interest and enthusiasm. When the nervous system is free of interferences, normal physiological function can perform in amazing ways.

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Our services include:

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